Colour Grading: We Take It Seriously!

Colour Grading: We Take It Seriously!

Colour Grading is one of the final stages of every professional film and video production.

thanks to our advanced colour grading suite we deliver high end colour correction and grading. That is particularly important because we consider it as one of the key steps in post production. It helps us to create a mood and set the right tone to every video content we produce.

With the benefit that DaVinci Resolve, an intuitive surface control and 4K broadcast monitor bring, we are able to deliver very high quality colour correction and grading services.

Our Tangent Ripple was the last member of our grading family. DaVinci Resolve 12.5, 4K broadcast monitor and now Tangent Ripple all are extremely empowering. We're looking forward to do some insanely great colour grading with this package. It is good to have a Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro camera that is begging for grading.

We recently released a look up table for Blackmagic URSA mini series. That just proves how committed Stranger Than paradise Productions is to grading and post production in general. These 20 luts are designed for URSA Mini series as the reference footage. But of course they can be used for other cameras too.

Unlike many other available lut packages, these luts are subtle and practical. They are fully adjustable for your needs and give you full control to customize them as you please. These luts are also compatible with Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and FCPX.

For more information about our URSA Mini lut package please click here.