A Pinprick of Light
a story about memory, longing, and gradual sense of loss.

Stranger Than Paradise Productions is proud to announce its first multi award-winning short fiction film: A Pinprick of Light.

Directed by Kasra Karimi, the 13-minute film is inspired by the story of John M. Hull, a university professor who started to lose his sight in the early 1980s. He began to record his journey towards complete blindness onto tapes, which would later become the basis for the critically acclaimed book ‘Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness’.

The film explores how John’s relationships to the things he loves changes as his access to them fades.

What does one see when sight is lost? How do you cope with being seen but not being able to look back? As John struggles to recall his wife Rosalind’s face, could a dream keep what he holds dear, alive?

“A Gift you cannot help receiving, is a rather strange kind of gift.”


from ‘A Pinprick of Light’.

David King – John
Sarah Eastwood – Rosalind
Maddie Bradfield – Imogen
Written and Directed by Kasra Karimi
Produced by Kasra Karimi and Mohamed Madi
Director of Photography Jackie Teboul
Art Director Isobel Power Smith
Sound Lee Viesnik
Music Alan Snelling
Edited by Kasra Karimi
Sound Design and Mix Alan Snelling
Camera Assistant Chris Hamilton, Tom Hamilton
Production Assistant Leif Sutton Williams
Production Runner Roberto Dooner
Art Department Susie Burlton
Library Location Coordinator Ahmed Madi
Drone Operator Jeff Celis
Set Construction Coordinator Piran Jeffcock

A Pinprick of Light
a Stranger Than Paradise Productions film
Copyright © 2018

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