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A great opportunity for collaboration.

2018 brings with itself one big objective for Stranger Than Paradise Productions: Set out ambitious goals and reach out to a wider audience.
We are looking for amazingly talented collaborators to join our team in order to help us to achieve our ambitious goals in the new year. That's why we launched a brand new Careers Hub for those who are looking for film and TV jobs. On the careers hub we can share our needs in terms of human resources. This hub enables us to communicate more efficiently with talented artists, filmmakers, IT specialists and marketing experts. On the other hand, it enables creative people to know our needs. It invites industry experts to reach out to us easier with having what we're looking for in mind.

Film and TV jobs: We are opening the Careers Hub from the beginning of January with two vacancies. These roles have very clear objectives and specific requirements. This hub creates an effective opportunity for us and talented artists in film, video and television industry to collaborate with each other. This collaboration can be on a full time, part time or freelance basis. So if you are ambitious, have a good understanding of video production industry and are willing to go the extra mile, please check this page regularly for new opportunities. Once you find your passion on the hub, please send your cover letter and CV to [email protected] . Please state exactly which position you are applying for.

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