Luxury Bridal Made Eco-Friendly

Filming with Minna at Indiebride London was a great way to showcase the genius work of an independent fashion designer to promote ethical eco-fashion. Click here to learn more.

The story of Indiebride London started as a women’s wear brand, Minna, in 2008. The brand got its name from its founder, Minna Hepburn, who wanted to offer women romantic dresses and tops, handmade in London using the finest British laces. Over the years, Minna learned that some of her clients were wearing her dresses on their wedding days because they couldn’t find a wedding dress in this romantic, laid-back style they loved. This gave Minna an idea. Instead of high-end dresses and tops, she started making the most gorgeous wedding dresses for the brides who wanted to look and feel like themselves on their wedding day without compromising the quality or feeling comfortable. 

Stranger Than Paradise Productions spent a day filming with Minna at Indiebride London. She talked about her ethos, background and her vision for the brand and eco-fashion in general.

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