Tattoo Artist Henry Hate Honours Friend, Alexander McQueen

Stranger Than Paradise works closely with artists and art galleries. We are passionate about all forms of art. By producing cutting-edge video contents for artists, we help them to promote their creative output. Filming with Imitate Modern and Henry Hate was a great way to showcase a creative collaboration between an artist and an art gallery.

Imitate Modern is an art gallery in the heart of Mayfair, Shepherd Market in Central London. The gallery has started collaborating with the well-known tattoo artist Henry Hate who has tattooed Alexander McQueens, Amy Winehouse and Boy George.

Jacqui Brantjes is the co-founder of Imitate Modern. She talks about her collaboration with Henry Hate who has started tattooing Alexander McQueen’s legend bags. Henry talks about his first memories of meeting Amy and Lee in his shop in Shoreditch, London.

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